Service Guarantee

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IT Assist Now prides itself on all computer repair and IT services we provide. To ensure the quality of our service, we offer a guarantee on all work carried out.  Please see the details and explanations below of our service guarantee.

Remote Repair Guarantee

IT Assist Now will honour all work performed remotely up to 7 days. We offer 1 free remote session within 7 days from the date of service if the issue(s) you were having have returned.

What We Do Not Guarantee

1. If you are having a separate issue not described or previously mentioned before we will not honor ANY guarantee. For example, we remove a virus from your computer and 2 weeks later you are having internet connection issues. This would be considered a new issue. When we have completed a repair, we expect you the customer to take the responsibility in identifying that your issues have been resolved.

2. A new issue occurs. As you know computers are very complicated machines and files can become corrupt or hardware can fail at any time. We are not responsible to fix any new issues that may arise. This would be the same as a doctor treating you for a cold and you expecting you’ll never get sick again.

Virus Removal Guarantee

We guarantee that we will remove all active viruses from your computer. We DO NOT guarantee that you will not get a new virus. If you suspect that the same virus is still in your computer Contact us and we’ll diagnose the issue. Every file on your computer has a time and date stamp of when it was created or modified, if that date and time is post repair then this is not covered and you will be charged full price for removal. If, however, the file is dated on or before our initial date of service we’ll remove it free of charge.

Onsite Service Guarantee

We guarantee all work performed onsite up to 7 days from the date of service. If you experience the same issue(s) as before, we will honour our service and repair the issue(s) free of charge. If the issue(s) is/are caused in result of the customer’s doing, or if a new issue is at fault, this would be considered a new issue.

30 Days Technical Support

We include 30 days of technical support for our onsite service. The technical support is free of charge. The technical support is for all issues addressed previously and is to answer any of your questions. This does not included remote technical support. This does not include any new issues. Customer will be billed as normal for any remote technical support.

Something Stopped Working

If after we complete repairs to your computer and you notice a program you use no longer works correctly but did work correctly before we performed the repairs, we’ll do whatever we can to try to resolve the issue. However there are three (3) qualifiers to this warranty. 1. You must have used the application within 2 days before our repair. 2. The application must not work on its first attempt. For example if the application works fine for several days after our visit and then stops working that is a new issue and is not covered. 3. You must have a legal license and be the registered owner of the program in question. We never fix or repair or can we ever reinstall hacked/bootlegged/pirated or otherwise software for any reason. Don’t bother asking. You will need to provide all CD’s or download links and licenses in order for us to honor this warranty.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: IT Assist Nows’ warranty is; IF THE SAME PROBLEM REOCCURS WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF SERVICE, WE FIX IT FOR FREE!! The key-words are SAME PROBLEM. A lot of the times symptoms can look very similar or exactly the same for different problems or issues. However, most of the time the computer records error codes that will enable us to prove whether or not it was the same problem is re-occurring or whether it is a new issue causing the same symptoms. Also, all files and data are date and time stamped and we will check this. If it’s a new issue then you are not covered. If it’s a re-occurring issue within 7 days from the date of service then you are covered. If we cannot prove whether or not it is the same issue then it is assumed that it is and we will honor our warranty in this case.

IT Assist Now believes in treating its customers fairly and honestly. Our number one goal is to satisfy our customers so they will recommend us to everyone they know. If you have any questions please Contact us.